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Laseme promotes the Navarre Circular Economy Business Hub project

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Laseme (Asociación de Empresarios de la Merindad de Tierra Estella) promotes the Navarre Circular Economy Business Hub project, which includes the initiative Viability study of students’ projects (University or Vocational Training) for the development of startups or innovative enterprises, in which this call is framed.

This initiative is co-financed by the Navarra Government through the Subsidy for the preparation and execution of regional activation plans 2022.

Circular Economy Innovative Projects 2022


Circular Economy Innovative Projects 2022 (NAVARRA CIRCULAR ECONOMY AWARDS 2022 – STUDENTS CALL)

The target of the call is to identify Vocational Education and Training Final Projects, Final Degree Projects, Master´s Final Projects, PhD thesis or similar, developed by university and vocational training students, in the European territory, in which business initiatives and solutions are proposed to overcome the challenges raised in the call. The projects´ objective must be to provide innovation in business models, products and services or in industrial processes, under Circular Economy criteria, and must have potential to develop new business models.

Challenges and priority issues

Three challenges, three goals to achieve

  • Challenge 1
  • Challenge 2
  • Challenge 3

Textile sector

Incorporate low-impact and regenerative raw materials, develop fabric reuse and recycling new technologies, improve product and material traceability, new business models in the servitization, reuse, restoration and recycling of clothing and other fabrics (e.g. for automotive, furniture...)

Plastics industry

Promotion of reusable plastic products for several final uses, new technologies for classification, threshing, or mechanical and chemical recycling, design for circularity in plastic goods, traceability of plastic in the value chain...

Agri-food industry

Tools for the reduction of food waste, traceability of circularity in the food value chain, new circular solutions for food packaging and distribution, solutions for the identification and labeling of sustainable food, new foods and ingredients from by-products and waste of production...

Who can participate?

Know who can participate and the necessary requirements and documentation for it

  • Older than 18 years

  • Have finished the project (based on final approval date) after July 31, 2018.

  • In possession of the right to submit the project to the call (project owner). Or provide an authorisation by co-authors to submit the project (e.g. shared projects, or thesis tutors).

  • Final projects, developed by students and presented and approved by the corresponding education centers after July 31, 2018, can be submitted to the call.


3 prizes will be awarded to the 3 selected projects

The projects that obtain the highest score in the assessment of the application will be awarded.

1000 €

Economic prize of €1,000 for the 3 selected projects (one for each challenge). LASEME will apply the established retention according to current regulations.

Viability study

A technical and economic viability study developed by AIN, in which innovation aspects of the business and market model will be analysed, and an evaluation of the business development potential is studied. These studies will make it easier for students to present their business idea to specialized investors and companies in the territory that are interested in implementing or developing it as a business.

Support in positioning

They will receive support in positioning the business idea at a European level, and in establishing the first contacts with potential clients and suppliers. They will also be supported in the search of public or private financing to launch the business.

A special prize will also be awarded to one of the selected projects: direct entry to the CEIN Green accelerator

Awards ceremony

Prizes will be awarded on 18th October

The awards ceremony will take place on the 18th of October, 2022, within the Economic Forum event organized by LASEME in Estella (Navarra-Spain).


Before submitting
your application

Download the
published call


The application must be submitted before the 25th of September, 2022 (The deadline is extended until September 30)

The submission period closes on the 25th of September, 2022 (The deadline is extended until September 30) at 14:00. Spanish mainland time. Download the form and send it by email to

The submission of documentation must be done by filling in the data requested in the form and creating a pdf document named with the name of the applicant. The pdf of the proposal must be sent by email, with acknowledgment of receipt, to the address before the defined deadline.

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